Portraits in Motion

Having photographed many dancers and dance companies over the past decade I knew I wanted to do a series which would allow me the opportunity to photograph the many varied styles of dance and yet do it in a cohesive manor.

With this in mind I asked dancer Lisa LaMarre, who I work with often, into the studio. We experimented with different backgrounds and props until we found something we liked. The gray background was generic enough not to take away from the dancers but also portable for those images where it was easier for me to travel to the dancers studio.

We played with different props but the box seemed to offer the most opportunities for the dancers. They could pose on it, in it, next to it, hold it in front of them or even throw it down.

Those dancers invited to participate where told only this, what they chose to wear, how they pose and with whom was up to them the only caveat is the box, the same box for each which I provided, had to be in the image somewhere. There in lie the creative challenge and their success is evident with every image in this book.

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Dance companies: Eisenhower Dance, Take Root, Kristin Faulkner Dance, DDC dances, Epiphany Dance and Luna Dancers.

Details: 120 pages, 50 full color images
Size: 8.5" x11" - Case Bound
Cost: Retail $40.00

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